Dry Lining

The beauty of drylining is how quickly it can be installed, which ensures projects can be turned around in good time... progress. This is done... Read MoreDry Lining


We specialize in DRYWALL TAPING, commercial and residential interior finishing. We guarantee quality and efficiency structural purposes, being installed... Read MoreTaping


Our skilled , experienced masons can produce even and consistent joints that all match throughout the project by a program called... Read MoreJointing


We work on both residential and commercial projects covering floor preparation and traditional floor screeds thing to help. From... Read MoreScreeding


For some ceiling projects, only the most robust and durable materials will suffice. Particularly for large scale interior spaces to lawns, gardens, and... Read MoreCeilings


Manny Solutions has experience in the preparation and application of many types of plastering in a range of residential and commercial projects 10 years experience construction... Read MorePlastering