Manny Solutions Ltd offers high quality floor screed at competitive prices. We work on both residential and commercial projects covering floor preparation and traditional floor screeds including fast set screeds, self-levelling and liquid screeds.

Traditional floor screed: Meets BSI standards and increasingly tough European regulations. Factory mixed, it provides excellent cement dispersion providing greater and more uniform strength throughout. The screed is workable for up to 12 hours and flexible enough for several different bases. Alternative mixtures will provide additional strength, early setting or can be used in sound and thermal insulation and weight-reduction applications.

Fibre screed: Developed to meet the increasing demand for factory-mixed cement and sand screeds of all mix designs incorporating an even dispersion of polypropylene fibres. The presence of suitable fibres can help to give a more cohesive mix and help control cracking caused by intrinsic stresses.

Flow screed: An innovative product delivering quality, speed and versatility, it can be easily laid usually between 10 to 20 times faster than conventional screed and can receive foot traffic within 36 hours.